Today, August 31, 2021, marks the end of Phase 4 of our project. We accomplished so much in the last eight years, primarily the digitization of more than 400,000 pages of historical newspapers published in Florida, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

The summary below breaks down our accomplishments into some data points.

Image features snippets from the historical newspapers digitized for this project.
This image provides a data breakdown of the content digitized for this project. A summary of the data is provided below.


Content was digitized from 26 newspaper titles. Titles digitized are listed under Titles page.

  • 19 titles from Florida spanning from 1884-1963
  • 6 titles from Puerto Rico spanning from 1836-1925
  • 1 title from the Virgin Islands spanning from 1865-1922


742 microfilm reels:

  • 330 reels with Florida newspapers
  • 360 reels with Puerto Rico newspapers
  • 52 reels with Virgin Islands newspapers


67,592 newspaper issues:

  • 25,844 issues from Florida newspapers
  • 33,646 issues from Puerto Rico newspapers
  • 8,102 issues from Virgin Islands newspapers


418,250 pages digitized:

  • 195,486 pages from Florida newspapers
  • 189,687 pages from Puerto Rico newspapers
  • 33,077 pages from Virgin Islands newspapers

Data Size

21.96 terabytes (21,966 gigabytes) of digitized content:

  • 10,021 GB from Florida newspapers
  • 11,103 GB from Puerto Rico newspapers
  • 842 GB from Virgin Islands newspapers

Other work

In addition to the digitized content, we also presented in various classrooms and at conferences to promote the use of newspapers for teaching and research. We developed a Titles Map and some promotional items. But, there is more to come! We are grateful to NEH for continuing to fund our work. We look forward to reporting out our accomplishments as we continue our work in the next two years. Stay tuned!

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  1. How do I access these papers on the web?

    Are there any recent ones, it says thru 2011. Is that correct?

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