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We are nearing the end of Phase 5 of the US Caribbean & Florida Digital Newspaper Project! 

During this phase (2021-2023), the following newspaper titles from Florida were digitized. All digitized issues of Diario las Américas are already live in Chronicling America. Most issues of La Gaceta digitized through NDNP are already live in Chronicling America but more are coming later this summer along with Ybor city tobacco labor papers El Federal, Boletin Obrero, El Internacional and Boletin de El Internacional.

Diario las Américas

28,071 pages of content from 1953-1963 

This data represents total digitized content, including content digitized in Phase 4 and Phase 5. 

The Diario las Américas, published by the Américas Pub. Co., began printing November 1953 in Miami, FL as a member of the Inter-American Press Association and is still in print today. It published primarily in Spanish “por la libertad, la cultura y la solidaridad hemisferica” (“for liberty, culture and hemispheric solidarity”).  

During the 1950s and 1960s, the Diario provided local and international news coverage from Latin America and the Caribbean, especially Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Colombia. 

From 1953 to 1958 it included one page in English, the “Inter-American News for English-speaking people”. This section was replaced by “Noticias de Miami y Florida” (“News from Miami and Florida”). The Diario also included a recurring section “La Voz de Tampa” (“The Voice of Tampa”), which featured news directly from the paper’s Tampa office.

La Gaceta

Approx. 33,648 pages from 1926-1948 

La Gaceta is the oldest continuously published paper from Ybor City, a neighborhood in Tampa, Florida. The Manteiga family has published the paper without interruption since 1922. As the most widely circulated Spanish-language newspaper in Tampa, La Gaceta contributes to and documents over a century of life and community in Ybor City. 

Devoted to serving Ybor City’s diverse immigrant residents, La Gaceta primarily covered local news and events and international news from Cuba and Spain. Originally published only in Spanish, the paper added regular articles in English and Italian in 1954 nad over time became more equally bilingual in Spanish and English. 

El Federal

Approx. 170 pages from 1902-1903 

El Federal was a weekly labor paper published for eleven months in Ybor City, Tampa, Florida from 1902 to early 1903. It was the official paper of the Unión Federal del Estado de Florida, an association of guilds related to Cuban cigar production in Florida. When the union disbanded, the paper was discontinued and the void it left in the press quickly filled by the Boletin Obrero.  

The four-page paper was primarily in Spanish, frequently with one to two columns in Italian. The paper published editorials on the necessity of labor organization, passionate calls for workers’ solidarity and official union news such as meeting time, orders of the day, and guild notices. The regular “Communicados” section contained local notices from the Ybor’s mutual aid societies. El Federal also published lists of names of union members and people contributing to the rebuilding of the Centro Obrero and announcements of new city residents, especially doctors from Cuba.

Boletin Obrero

28 pages from 1903 

Boletin Obrero was a labor paper from Ybor City, Tampa, Florida first published in 1903 at the Centro Obrero. Its masthead identifies it as an “Organo de propaganda organizadora” (“Organ of organized propaganda”). Boletin Obrero advocated on behalf of workers and encouraged unionization, comradery, and mutual support among tobacco workers mainly in Tampa, but also across North America. 

The four-page paper was published weekly on Fridays in Spanish with occasional Italian content.  Many authors are named at the bottom of their articles, including Francisco Milian, Mayor of Ybor and lector at the Bustillo Brothers and Diaz cigar factory.

El Internacional

Approx. 3,801 pages from 1904-1941 

El Internacional was a long-running labor paper from Ybor City, Tampa, Florida dedicated to supporting worker solidarity and unionization efforts in the first half of the twentieth century. It was the official local paper of the Unión Internacional de Tabaqueros (Cigar Maker’s International Union) and published in the Centro Obrero, also called the Labor Temple, in Ybor from 1904 until at least 1948. Dedicated to the “propaganda de la organización obrera” (“labor organization propaganda”), El Internacional’s position was clearly pro-union, pro-labor, and anti-capitalist, driven by the interests of union members and tobacco workers in Tampa.   

El Internacional was produced by and for a diverse community of immigrant workers, mostly from Cuba, Spain, and Italy. The paper was predominantly in Spanish but at various points in its history was bilingual in Spanish and Italian, trilingual in Spanish, English, and Italian, and became regularly more bilingual in Spanish and English from 1916 onwards. As the cigar industry declined, so did El Internacional which ceased publication in the 1940s.

Boletin de El Internacional

104 pages from 1936-1937 

Boletin de El Internacional was the name of El Internacional from 1936-1937 published in Ybor City, Florida for and by workers in the cigar industry. It was dedicated to supporting worker solidarity and unionization efforts in the first half of the twentieth century. El Internacional and its associated title Boletin de El Internacional predominantly covered local union news and community events in Ybor City. In addition to local news, El Internacional also carried state and federal news concerning the tobacco industry and workers’ rights as well as international political news, particularly from Cuba, Spain, and Italy, including reprints of articles from Cuban and Spanish newspapers and magazines.

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