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The Key West Citizen-July 12, 1940

Even more pages of The Key West Citizen are now available in Chronicling America!

Over 8,300 new pages covering September 1933 to December 1934 and January 1936 to December 1940 are now up and fully text searchable. We’ve just begun to delve into the compelling content in this new batch, but here are a few highlights we’ve found so far.

The new content includes the time that Earnest Hemingway lived in Key West and his exploits are frequently reported in the papers.

Hemingway starts 2300 mile voyage
The Key West Citizen-August 13, 1934
Cocktail at the Ernest Hemingways
The Key West Citizen-December 19, 1938

Of course there are headlines about President Franklin Delano Roosevelt including his tradition flouting 3rd term.

FDR 3rd term
The Key West Citizen-November 6, 1940
Roosevelt Year Succession of Decisive Moves
The Key West Citizen-February 23, 1934

There’s no way to ignore The Great Depression or The New Deal. There’s lots of stories about New Deal organizations like the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and the National Recovery Administration (NRA).

What the Blue Eagle Means
The Key West Citizen-August 24, 1933
CCC Enrollments
The Key West Citizen-September 14, 1940

Pan American World Airways continued to grow and expand their aviation network. Key West was an important hub for mail coming from and going to Cuba.

Pan-Am Airways servcie between KW Miami and Havana
The Key West Citizen-December 23, 1938

Since The Key West Citizen was a member of the Associated Press, there’s also lots of international coverage of the situation in Europe in the years leading up to U.S. entry into World War II.

Hitler Sends Ultimatum to Britain
The Key West Citizen-September 14, 1940

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