We are thrilled to announce that all content selected of the Diario las Américas has been digitized and is now available for viewing! There are approximately 15,000 pages for November 1953 – December 1960 that are text-searchable in Chronicling America. This is the first title we have been able to introduce to ChronAm from Florida that is a Hispanic publication.

About the paper

The Diario las Américas, published by the Américas Pub. Co., began printing in Miami in November 1953 as a member of the Inter American Press Association. It has published an issue daily (except for on Mondays), primarily in Spanish “por la libertad, la cultura y la solidaridad hemisferica” (for liberty, culture, and hemispheric solidarity).

Logo of the Diario, found printed in every issue

From its inception, issues of the Diario were published in Spanish, with a slight exception – the very last page of every issue was printed in English. Printed as the “America’s Daily”, this page offered “Inter American News for English-speaking people” and functioned as the dedicated space to share news and reach the English-speaking community. However, in August 1958, the publisher decided to make a change and altered the publication by removing this English-speaking “Inter-American News” section and replaced it with a “Noticias de Miami y Florida” (news from Miami and Florida). A notice of the change was published (in Spanish) in the issue printed on August 26, 1958.

First all-Spanish issue published on August 26, 1958.

The Diario focused on offering coverage of local events, but also reported on news from across the state. For example, it included a recurring news section “La Voz de Tampa” (The Voice of Tampa), which featured news directly from the paper’s Tampa office. Reporting covered local social events, sports and more.

Example of La Voz de Tampa printed on February 6, 1954.

It also published accounts of events occurring in nations abroad in a recurring section “Iberoamerica al día” (daily Iberian America). The example below from June 7, 1955 shows coverage of news from Mexico, Peru, Cuba, Salvador, and Bolivia. Additional coverage from abroad can be found in sections dedicated to report on Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Colombia. These sections typically span entire pages and occur in just about every issue published between May 1959-1960. It is possible this content appears in issues published after 1960, however our digitized collection currently only offer access to content published between 1953 to 1960 for this title.

From the Iberoamerica section printed on June 7, 1955

The Diario featured several additional recurring sections, seemingly geared toward women. These include “Sociales” (social), “Del Hogar” (of the home), “Poema de Hoy” (today’s poem), “Recetas al dia” (Daily Recipes), and ‘Crucigramas” (crosswords).

Example of a Notas Sociales printed on October 22, 1958

Supplemental material

Additionally, the Diario included supplemental material for several years.

“Hemisferio” (Hemisphere) was an affiliated magazine that appeared with several issues on a weekly basis. This feature offered readers varying stories from Florida, the Caribbean, and Latin America. Like the traditional issues of the newspaper, the Hemisferio was printed primarily in Spanish, typically offering one-page of the content printed in English.

“Historietas” (comics) often accompanied the traditional publication as well. These add-ons were comprised of mini comic strips series, originally English content translated to Spanish. The printed material also informs us that this content was printed “en colores” (in color)!  

Front page of the Hemisferio featuring Jose Marti, printed on January 29, 1956.

Thank you for reading this title introduction! We encourage you to further explore the pages of the Diario in Chronicling America: https://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn82001257/

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