Last month we announced that newspaper titles to be digitized during this phase of our project had been selected. Today, we would like to provide you a sneak peek of the type of content you will be able to delve into from Florida once it is digitized and uploaded to Chronicling America.

Explore the highlights below and stay tuned for future updates!

First up, the Miami Times.

  • Place of publication: Miami, FL
  • Publication dates: 1923 – current
  • Dates selected for digitization: 1948-1957?

The Miami Times began publication in 1923 and coined itself “Florida’s favorite colored weekly”, serving the African American community. For some time, its masthead included a quote in Latin – “Tempora Mutantur, Et Nos Mutamur In Illis”, which translates as “The time are changed and we changed with them”. This weekly published recurring sections as such Vital Statistics, ‘Round the Town, See You In Church, and Fashion Flair. It published a news on a variety of topics, on the local, national, and international level. Here are some of the type of news you will find in this newspaper: 

NAACP Cites Groveland Victory – May 5, 1951
Boxing match ad – January 28, 1950
See You In Church – July 16, 1955
Research in Negro Voting – June 13, 1953
800 Homes Sold in Bunche Park – April 29, 1950

Next, we have the Southern Jewish Weekly.

  • Place of publication: Jacksonville, FL
  • Publication dates: 1939-1992
  • Dates selected for digitization: 1939-1941, 1945-1956

The Southern Jewish Weekly is the result of the Florida Jewish News and the Jewish Citizen combining to form a new publication. Starting in 1939, this new publication coined itself as the “oldest and most widely circulated Jewish publication in this territory”, serving the southeast region. It is an “independent weekly serving American citizens of Jewish faith”, and one that opposed “communism, fascism, and Nazism”. Below are snippets highlighting some of the type of content you can find in this publication:

My escape from war – November 17, 1939

Tampa to be scene of B’nai B’rith Meet – January 26, 1940

Flag of Freedom – February 23, 1940

Nazis admit execution of Jewish war prisoners – February 6, 1942

Rosh Hashonah – September 27, 1940

We are also digitizing the Evening leader.

  • Place of publication: Tarpon Springs, FL
  • Publication dates: 191?-19??
  • Dates selected for digitization: 1914-1919

This newspaper was published in Tarpon Springs, a city that has historically been home to a large Greek community. It provides coverage of local, national, and international news. Types of content found include coverage of local travel reports and social happenings, entertainment, agriculture, weather reports, local and state politics, and tons of WWI coverage. Here are some examples:

Greek Labor – April 5, 1918
Greek Cross Day Celebration – January 10, 1919

Sponge Sales – May 20, 1918
American Troops in France – August 27, 1917
Civil War has begun in Berlin – January 7, 1919

And last, but certainly not least, the Diario las Américas.

  • Place of publication: Miami, FL
  • Publication dates: 1953-current
  • Dates selected for digitization: 1953-1963

Diario las Américas is a Hispanic newspaper, which historically printed primarily in Spanish. It’s mission was to publish a newspaper “por un major entiendamiento entre las America”/”For a better understanding between the Americas”. It covered news about the local Hispanic community, as well as news on global scale from the Caribbean and Latin America.

In this newspaper, you can explore news content such as:

Revolucion Cubana Esta Mas Fuerte (Cuban Revolution is Strong) – May 10, 1959
Cien Cubanos Llegan a Miami (100 Cubans arrive in Miami) – July 3, 1959
Actualidad Colombiana (News from Colombia) – May 21, 1959
Senadores Haitianos Han Pedido Asilo (Haitian Senators seek asylum) – September 24, 1959

There are also recurring sections that like poems and puzzles. 

El Poema de Hoy (Poem of the day) – May 6, 1959

Early in its publication, the Diario also published two weekly supplements:

  • the Hemisferio (Hemisphere), a magazine-style supplement that provided bilingual stories from Florida and across the Caribbean and Latin America
  • Historietas en colores – Spanish-language, 4-page comics section
Hemisferio (Hemisphere) – September 9, 1956
Historietas (Comics) – September 9, 1956

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