Extra! Extra! More pages of historical Florida newspapers added to Chronicling America!

That’s right, in the past week almost 16,000 new pages of content from The Florida agriculturalist, The Lakeland evening telegram, and our new paper, the Key West citizen, were made available for your viewing pleasure. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll encounter in these papers.

First, we’ve completed our run of The Lakeland evening telegram so the entirety of this newspaper is available on Chronicling America! This batch covers January 1, 1921 through August 31, 1922. We’re absolutely thrilled to complete this title.

Air Fleet Rum Runners LET 02201922
The Lakeland evening telegram-February 20, 1922

The Florida agriculturist (Deland) may sound vaguely familiar if you’ve spent time on Chronicling America. That’s because until now, November 1905 through August 1906 were available on this platform. The recently uploaded batches add May 15, 1878 through December 15, 1889 as well as the years 1890, 1893, 1895, 1896, 1897, 1899, and 1906-1911. What’s with all the gaps? Other years of this paper are available in the Florida Digital Newspaper Library and Hathi Trust. This paper also reports on agriculture in general, shipping and railroad schedules, and other topics of interest to Florida’s farming communities.

FA cover April 1 1910
The Florida agriculturalist-April 1, 1910
FA Economic Insects 07121893
The Florida agriculturalist-July 12, 1893

We’re particularly excited to search though the Key West citizen because it includes February-August 1926, October-December 1932, and January-August 1933 which is our first foray into post-1922 content. Selected issues of this paper are also available in the Florida Digital Newspaper Library.

Roosevelt Elected

The Key West citizen-November 9, 1932

Air Race for Lady Birds
The Key West citizen-June 23, 1933

These are just the first two batches of content in Phase 3 of our project, and we have plenty more coming!

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